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PJ Olasoji Ministries: A journey of faith, unity, and community. We're dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and building a welcoming space for all. Join us in shaping a shared narrative of love, support, and inspiration

    At PJ Olasoji Ministries, our digital platform is more than a website; it's a conduit for transformative experiences:

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"Our President: Dr. Paulette Jones Olasoji"

Visionary Leadership Rooted in Integrity Dr. Paulette Jones Olasoji, our esteemed President, embodies the spirit of integrity and unwavering dedication. With a profound belief in nurturing individual potential, her journey in education and counseling has been marked by remarkable achievements and a deep commitment to empowering others.

A Legacy of Educational Excellence

Her educational journey spans across prestigious institutions, including Tompkins High School ('68) and Armstrong State College ('71). Dr. Olasoji furthered her knowledge and expertise, obtaining certifications from the F.H.C.C. School of Motivation ('83) and the Pastoral Care Counseling Center of Savannah ('88). Her pursuit of academic excellence culminated in a Doctorate of Religious Philosophy in Christian Education from Jacksonville Theological Seminary ('88), followed by a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling from the same institution ('14).

Empowering Others through Wisdom and Compassion

Dr. Olasoji's life work extends beyond academia; it resonates in her deep commitment to guiding individuals toward spiritual growth and personal enrichment. Her wisdom, paired with compassionate counseling, has touched countless lives, fostering an environment of support and encouragement. Shaping a Vision of Community and Spiritual Growth Under her visionary leadership, PJ Olasoji Ministries has thrived as a haven for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, support, and a sense of community. Dr. Olasoji's guidance has steered our ministry toward fostering an inclusive space where every individual is valued, respected, and encouraged to flourish on their spiritual journey.



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